East Sommerville Community Mapping Project
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Other Findings

During the summer of 2005, an SCC team of staff, interns, and neighborhood volunteers surveyed 274 people in East Somerville to find out more about the people who live here. The following is a selection of results from the survey responses. In addition to asking people to respond to the survey, the SCC team also collected data by recording observations as we walked down every street in East Somerville. We were surprised by many things. For example: there are very few benches or shelters at bus stops. Here's another interesting fact: during this time of our research, we noticed 39 buildings under construction, and 40 places for sale, but saw only 9 "for rent" signs. Does this mean a lot of rental units are getting converted into condos? Who is buying these places? This information and these questions can lead us to take action as we consider what's happening in our neighborhood now, and what we want to see in the future.

More results (PDF 272 KB).