East Sommerville Community Mapping Project
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Mapping East Somerville's Future

We'd love to hear your comments! What conclusions can you make about East Somerville from this community map? What would you add to the map? What changes are you interested in seeing in the neighborhood, and what would you like to see protected? Do you live or work in East Somerville? Tell us more about your experience. Also, do you have any general feedback about this website?

Somerville Community Corporation and East Somerville Neighbors for Change will be taking this map on the road! This will be used in future meetings to get people talking about East Somerville. We will use the map to highlight what trends and observations are significant and important to people who live and work here. In the process, we will continue to add new ideas and information to the map as the community takes action in securing the kind of future everyone wants to see for East Somerville.

You can email your comments to:  info@somervillecdc.org  Please include in the subject line:  comments for community mapping project.

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